Monday, January 18, 2010

Oh, for me?

My beautiful, DD has gifted me with this special award! Her new blog has been coming along very nicely. The quantity of posts is not great, but the quality of her work is just gorgeous! She is my little perfectionist. I really hope you will give Dee Marie's blog, An Inky Imagination, a look and perhaps become a follower.
There are rules that go with this award.
1) Post it on your blog and post a link to the persons blog who has gifted you with it.
2) Gift this award to 15 bloggers that you have recently discovered.
3) Contact those you are gifting and and let them know where they can get their award.
Thanks so much, Dee Marie. I love you also. Now for the few new blogs I have recently discovered..... not 15.
To Colleen at Creative Paper Room
To Linda at her new blog Wonderful World of Cards
To Diana at Word Birds nest
Hope you enjoy passing this on to all the new bloggers you have recently discovered!


Colleen said...

Thank You, that's a surprise! Only I don't know how to pick it up! I was just going to set up another post real quick and saw your comment

craftieodamae said...

congrats!!! Your blog is very awesome!

Linda said...

That's totally cool.. I am so touched. Thank you. I am feeling better by the way, every day I am getting closer to normal.. if that is possible LOL Thank you again!

Payne Holler Cards said...

aren't daughters just the best! (I dont have any sons so am partial to daughters LOL)