Sunday, October 4, 2009

Natures Offerings & A Recipe

I just had to share this wonderful photo that my DH took yesterday. This is right next to our driveway. He took many, but this was my absolute favorite! Living on a lake has so many rewards. The wild life abounds and now that I have this blog, I might be able to share some of the wonderful sights we are able to capture around here. Nature is not always kind though, we also saw a huge hawk snag a small animal or bird and have dinner right outside my bay window while we were having our dinner. Not the most appetizing dinner company. Missed that photo. DH snuck out the back door as not to alarm the bird, but my pup started barking cause she just knew daddy was up to something. That was the end of that shot!
I hope you were able to be creative for World Card Making Day. I was able to get a few more images colored after we came home from the farmers market. This is just the best time of year for veggie deals. Red bell peppers which you usually have to sell your soul for around here were selling by the basket for $2.00. They had heads of cabbage for $1.25 that were bigger than a basketball! I got a whole basket of lemons for $2.00. These will be used to create some wonderful Rosemary Garlic Chicken! If you have never tried this it is amazing! Get a nice plump whole chicken. Mix minced garlic with butter and slather it on the bird. Rub some salt in the birds cavity and then insert 3-4 halved lemons and a few sprigs of fresh rosemary. My family swears it is the juiciest chicken they have ever had. Roast in a medium oven. Yum, yum! So easy peasy! I have also heard this called Engagement Chicken. This is what Howard Sterns new bride made him to get him to propose. Have a great Sunday. No football game for the Eagles this week so I will have to just play all afternoon......awwwww!


Theresa said...

Great photo. My DH is also quite the photographer and has many great nature shots.
Great chicken recipe...have made before and it is yummy.

redwasher1 said...

Your photo is awesome and I like the sound of your chicken will give it a try!!!!

Payne Holler Cards said...

oh yes! more photos...would love to live on a lake! what gorgeous views you must have (aside from the hawk having dinner, yuk!) LOL
have never heard of this recipe..will be trying it!
have a great day!

Betty Benton said...

Mary Anne,
Thought I had commented here -- guess I didn't follow all the steps (again!). Great photo. As for the recipe, it sounds great but I'm pretty pitiful and need someone to hold my hand every step of the way -- how much butter and minced garlic do I need to use??????

Jennie said...

What an amazing photo Mary Anne! The chicken sounds delicious :o)