Friday, April 18, 2014

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

     Hi, friends!  I am here to announce the winner of the $25 Michael's gift card!  Their were 48 comments total, on my blog, for the Hop/Card Drive for Lauryn.  Since DH was home today, for the holiday, I secured his help with printing out each name and I let him pick out of the hat.

     The winner is JimLynn!  Congrats!  If you can send me your details ASAP, I can get this in the mail tomorrow! My email is .

     It sounds like Lauryn is having a very rough week.  If you have a spare card or prayer for this little princess, I am sure it would go a long way with cheering her up.  Thanks to everyone who joined in.  God Bless you, and have a great holiday!


Olga said...


jimlynn said...

Chicken dinner!! Thanks so much Mary Anne! Give your husband a big hug for drawing my name too. I just got through shooting you an e-mail.

Donna Hanley said...

Congrats to Lynn. What a nice thing. Sorry to hear about the bad week Lauryn is having. I'll send another card.

Carol L said...

WTG Lynn! I know how badly you need more craft supplies, so have fun :)
So sorry about Lauryn's struggles, thanks for letting us know.
Have a fantastic Easter week with that precious DGS!