Thursday, April 3, 2014

Lots of Love!

     Sweet, little Lauryn Hope Newsome, is the 2 year old granddaughter of one of our dear blogging, card making, stamping friend, Linda Payne, .   Lauryn was diagnosed with Leukemia on March 27th.  She has begun the fight of her little life.  We are planning some very special events to help Lauryn with her fight.  All of the details will be added to a special blog, which can be reached by clicking the orange ribbon on my side bar.  She has started her chemo, and has had a port surgically installed to help administer her meds.  Some of her meds are in pill form, and she has been fighting those.

     There is an address, for anyone who would like to send a card.  She loves Princesses, and Spiderman. Her mommy said that pink and purple are definite favorites!  Look at that sweet smile! There will be a blog hop, with prizes on the 14th of April.  Mostly we asking for your prayers for Lauryn, her parents, and her 2 siblings.  As you can imaging, this is a very trying time for all.

     Fight hard, sweet angel!  I will update when there is something new.  Thanks for stopping by!


Donna Hanley said...

OMG this is just a terrible thing for the entire family to go through. I will be making some cards soon. I'm heading over to the other page now ti get more information. You are a good friend to post this to get most attention for Lauryn and her family.

Carol L said...

I die a little more inside every time I hear a story of another child stricken with life-threatening illnesses. This is why I've started making cards for hospitalized kids. I will definitely make her a card and help spread the word. Give your friend Linda big hugs from me.