Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What's What Around The Lake

I saw that some of my blogging friend are showing all of their Springtime beauty, so I decided to jump on the band wagon and post some photos that Dee Marie took when she was home this past weekend. I just got a chance to load them, and I must say, she got some beauties!

First up, The swans are still visiting. Look at their feathers, they look like they are airbrushed with smoke! I also love how they look like they are wearing scuba flippers! The geese in the background, are the only visitors they will allow. Dee got as close as she could, but backed off when she got growled at.
These are the iris behind my shed. Blue flowers are such a treat!

Look at this crab apple tree! It is so packed with fruit! I remember when it was blooming, you could not see the branches!
Last is a photo of a bleeding heart, up close and personal. This is one of my very favorite Spring flowers. I love the way they sprawl down a drooping stem. I also like the way they leave new plants for the next year. Thanks for giving me some gorgeous blog fodder, Dee! Okay, that is it for now. I must get ready for work, as I am minding the store today for a few hours. Hope you have a wonderful day! Thanks for taking a look around the lake.


Theresa said...

Loved seeing your pics. Dee did a great job on the photos. I too love the Bleeding Heart. TFS

Patti P. said...

Thanks for sharing! Love all the signs of spring and your latest creations are beautiful also. Congrats on being guest designer. Sorry I haven't left any comments until now. We were gone for several days last week-end and I am so behind.

Patti said...

I wanna live in your back yard!Soooooooo pretty!

Olga said...

Man they are gorgeous! Look so soft....I love your bleeding heart! It's beautiful, I don't have one of those!

Payne Holler Cards said...

love ALLLL of these photos - ok so lets start our own challenge blog with the inspiration being the gorgeous pics you all have of your "living areas" LOL
I am lovin your bleeding heart but those purple iris and swans just tug at my your lake!
how was the Sinatra crooner last weekend - thought about you on my long drive

Betty Benton said...

Man oh man! What gorgeou pics! Loved walking around the lake with you, seeing all the beauty and color!

Colleen said...

Mary Anne,
Way to go girl, Dee did your lake proud. I better get out and take some more pictures. :)

redwasher1 said...

All of those photo's are just gorgeous!! Love them