Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Computer Problems!

Hi, Blog friends......

     This PC has about had it, I guess.  It is not allowing me to do anything with pictures, and is giving hubby and I fits.  Even had my techie son give it a look see and he is stumped, this time.  Sooooooo, until I can get things off here and loaded to something different, there will be no blogging on this end. 

     I will be around to comment as much as I can.  (at least it lets me do that so far)

     Happy stamping and card making!  I promise lots of pictures when I am straightened out.

Mary Anne


jimlynn said...

Bummer! Hope you get it resolved soon.

Olga said...

Sounds like time to shoot it ! LOL

Donna Hanley said...

Computers, we can't live with them or without them. DARN! We will miss seeing your cards, but I will hold you to producing lots of pictures when you are up and running again. Enjoy the day.

Carol L said...

LOL at Olga's response! :) I'm with her - take it out back and drown it in the lake - put it out of it's misery! This SUX!!