Sunday, August 8, 2010

My 1 Year Blog Candy

As promised, here is the blog candy I have create for you. I want to thank everyone who has left comments in the last 12 months, and encouraged me to come out of my shell a bit. I also welcome new friends I may encounter in the near future. I would love to have you join me on this magical adventure in creativity.

To be eligible for the candy, here is what I would like you to do.

1. Become a follower if you are not already.

2. Promote my candy on you're blog by linking back and leaving me a comment.

3. Leave me a comment telling me of one of the very best Vacations you have ever taken.

Make me want to go there!!!!!

4. Make sure I have a way to contact you if you win.

This candy will stay up until August 31, at which time I will throw everyone who is eligible, into a hat and have an unbiased pull. You will have 72 hours to respond or I will pull another name. Here is what you will receive:

Birthday Card Kit- Dena's Closet
K&Co Accordion Book Kit in Tin
Making Memories- Jumbo Blossoms w/ pebble brads
2 Little Black Dress Rockettes- Amber and White, for shakers
3 pkgs. paper flowers- Ivory, orange, and turquoise
8 fancy clips- for accents or bookmarks
1 pk lavender pearls
1 pk clear and orange gems
1 pk Jolee's fall leaves
3 i-cling stamps- owl, bird, & leaf medallion
An assortment of ribbons cut from my collection (each is arms width)
You never know what else I might add as a surprise!
I hope you see something that tickles you're fancy, and that you will tell friends to stop by!


Patti P. said...

Wow! Mary Anne, you said you were celebrating and looks like in style. I posted about this on my blog if you want to take a look....appreciate the chance to win. Hope you get lots of new followers.

craftieodmae said...

Pick me, Pick me, Pick me LOL. My best vacation is the one I'm doing now, I'm here so pack your bag and come on down!!!! LOL. Will put your blog candy on my side bar GF! Good luck with lots of new followers!!

Betty Benton said...

What a great looking stash of stamping goodies. congrats again on your one year of blogging -- I'll put your candy on my sidebar! Hmmmm, best vacation -- may have been our trip to Maui 5 years ago. The scenery is stunning -- I could just stare out at the ocean forever, watching the humungous waves rolling in and the varying colors of the water. You have blog candy; Maui has some jaw dropping eye candy!

The Other Patti Sue said...

Yummy,yummy! Candy looks scrumptious! I'm all linked up and posted on my blog. My favorite vacation is the Oregon Coast. There is nothing like the west coast! When the sun is setting into the ocean.... all the yellows and oranges are amazing. It's awesome to sit on the beach with my DH and a Margaretta and watch God's creation in all it's glory!

Susan S said...

wow - what a generous gift! I linked on my blog

Favorite vacation - Grand Canyon. I will never forget standing on the edge of the Canyon and marveling at the beauty and largeness of it. Wow. For a split second, I felt the insane urge to throw myself into -- the beauty was incredible and you just want to be a part of it.

terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

I just found your site through visiting another, and came to check it out. I'll now follow too. Thanks for the offering of blog candy! I've put it on my sidebar Here . My best vacation was when we took our two sons to Myrtle Beach and both they and my husband saw the ocean for the first time! Great memories. Of course, it came with the requisite emergency room visit - for my husband who got smashed in the face with a boogie board and required many stitched inside his mouth and out!

Carol L said...

Wow!! This is quite a fabulous package of goodies for some lucky person! How generous of you! I've been a follower for a while now, and I linked you up on my sidebar for this great prize package! Thanks so much!!!
The best vacation I ever took was when we went to Indiana to see our new granddaughter. Indiana living is so laid back and serene. We spent the evenings (and days) rocking and swinging on my son's big front porch, waving at all the people who drove by and either waved or tooted the horn as they drove by on their golf carts. Life out there is the way it used to be, and it's like stepping into yesteryear....when people were friendly and truly cared about one another! I loved the slower pace so much that I had to come home and scrapbook about it! Now we have another new granddaughter to go visit real soon and I can't wait to go!

Dawnll said...

Well hello Mary Anne,
Congratulations on 1 year. I must say I poked around and looked at your creations...cute cute cute!
I am thrilled to be your 39th follower.
I have placed a picture and link on my sidebar
We don't take a lot of vacations really but the few I have in the last few years were just wonderful...went to the East coast to meet my future dil's family and knew I found a spectacular family that has accepted my son like one of their own. That was a great time.
We did visit where the ocean and the bay meet and lay out and relax. I loved the calming water.
Thanks so much for a chance to win and here is to another year blogging!

Gloria Westerman said...

Awesome candy....thank you for the chance....I have become a follower and I have also posted it on my sidebar.....
Favorite DH and I rode our motorcycle through southern Canada into Niagara Falls...then we went to PA....Washington DC and back into Tenn......

Larisa said...

Oh, my best vacation was at Crimea in 2003 - so long ago!!! That was so great to be there, to swim in the sea, etc. I wish I could travel to anywhere again one day, but is beyond my means really. So I have only a dream about...
Thanks for nice candy. I am a follower now. I linked it on sidebar. I am never lucky with candies, but I have a dream again and more ))
I linked it on sidebar

Auntie Em said...

Congratulations on your first year! Looks like you are having fun.
If you want a vacation that is as close to perfect as you will ever get, Prince Edward Island is it. It beautiful and restful and every time I go I fall more in love with the place. The sea shore is never far away and there is always something or nothing to do, depending on your desire! And you will never forget the red soil or the lovely people.
Thanks for sharing! :o)

Theresa's Studio said...

Congrats on one year of blogging. Happy to be a follower and friend....enjoy your blog. What great candy!! Have a link on my sidebar. Best vacations we have had are on Captiva Island, FL...beautiful beach, small island, great restaurants, and near Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge for birding and photographing.

Robin Stewart said...

Wow your blog candy is making my mouth water. I have posted a link to your giveaway on my blog and I have become a follower of your fantastic blog.
One of the most fantastic vacations I took was a camping trip to Hornby Island in BC. When I left the island I got my first feeling of what Island life really was, it truly felt as though time had stood still while I was gone. Anyway considering Hornby is on the West Coast of BC, it has great white sandy beaches and the water is warm to swim in. There is a little grocery store and a town market. I would go back in a heart beat.

Payne Holler Cards said...

Super big Congrats on 1 year - hey, we're the same age!
well first let me say I truly love my DH - but ITALY is the place to be..they like a "round" woman that jiggles when she walks - oh yeaaaaa I loved being the one that had the chairs pulled out for ME for a change - I jiggled all over Italy (-: ...but seriously...ahhhh hem!
it really is a beautiful country, just exactly like in the movies and their food - ooooohhh my! they take their time and it was always amazingly delicious. Their shops close for two hours in the day so you can relax and enjoy the mid-day meal. Venice in the gondola ...(gorgeous) although it was with a good gal friend and not our hubbies (they would never travel overseas) we still dreamed and could hear...Ohhhh sol la me oh!! (good thing Dean Martin cant hear me crooning that one!) I could go on and on....but wait! what am I saying - slap me somebody! - the best Dream vacation would be a trip to the biggest card making scrap show in the world with about a thousand bucks burning a hole in my pocket!
oh yea! that's what I'm talkin ya!

Vicki Dutcher said...

Maryanne - WOW! THAT is some amazing blog candy!! I just had to come over and check it out - and than - become a follower (which I thought I already was - good grief) and go back to my blog with all your fabo goodies and post it. There is a MFP Blog Hop tomorrow - Fri so you might get alot of people popping over... Good luck building your followers - my dream vacation??? Crystal, clear, turquoise, (my fav color) shimmering ,Caribbean waters off Antigua .........WOW - that's why I make water cards--bwahaha~~ Bye!!

Vicki Dutcher said...

All done come on over and blog hop tomorrow.. you might win a stamp set too!!

Have A Scrap Happy Day said...

Hi Mary Anne! I just became a follower of your blog and posted your "delicious" candy on my sidebar.

My favorite vacation was going to Vegas earlier this year, not to gamble but to shop, eat, shop, and eat. My hubby and I ate at Makino Chaya, Olive Garden, Redwood Bar and Grill, etc. The best part was shopping for rubber stamps, dies, paper, etc. I hit the "jackpot" at Jo Ann's. Lucky me, there was a 40% discount on ALL scrapbooking items the day we went. Cha-ching!!! I also went to Michael's, and Viva Las Vegastamps. Have you been to Viva Las Vegastamps? They have TONS on rubber stamps. If you go, allow an hour or two to check them out. Thanks for a chance to win your awesome candy.

Colleen said...

Mary Anne,
See it's working you are getting lots of great comments. You know I'm a follower of course! I gave your blog candy a Huge shout out on my post for JustRite, I think that may bring a lot of people over. I would hook it up on my sidebar if I knew how LOL. I was lucky to get it in my blog LOL. I will put it in every post til you stop the contest.
My most fav vacation was several years ago before puppies entered our lives.
My kids were gone to their dad's. Bob and I just look around and said nothing keeping us here! We grabed the cooler went to the grocery store got some soda, donuts lunchmeat, buns, salad, ect. Headed for Michigan with no idea of what we going to do or where we would stay.
Along the way we stopped at small motels, we went rafting, strolled the beach at big bear dunes. went to mackanaw island, flew trick kites on the beach. It was short only the weekend but we packed a lot of fun in. We were young and had money!

Becky said...

nothing like fat free candy I say..:) I will go and post this now :) and am a follower

Becky said...

My favorite vac..Cruises.. I have been on 3 and I love them, sitting outside of my balcony to see nothing but sky and water, to see the sun set and rise

goldyfish said...

Congrats on a year. My favorite vacation was last year. It is the first time since my son was born in 2001 that we went somewhere other than to see family. We went to Branson. Saw the Titanic museum, Noah the Musical, Dixie Stampede, Silver Dollar City, Ride the Ducks. My son keep saying "we are finally a family", because we got to spend time just the three of us.

Doggie Architect said...

Wow, very wonderful blog candy! Thank you!
And it's hard to decide on a best vacation! I think I'll have to go with Washington DC.

Doggie Architect said...

Oh, and you can comment me at if I get lucky enough to win this amazing stuff.

Selma said...

Hi Mary Anne. Congratulations on your first year anniversary. I can remember when I got so excited about you starting your blog. All your creations are fabulous. This is great blog candy and I have posted it at the top of my sidebar on my blog. My favorite vacation -- well it is between taking a Hawaiian cruise around all the islands or taking the train from Colorado to California (LA) and then driving all the way up the west coast to see the beautiful beaches and sunsets. It has been great getting to know you from StampTV and now following you on your blog. Congratulatoins again my friend.

Betty Benton said...

Thanks for commenting on my Photo-Synthesis card. You really should do that challenge -- you are the very best at looking at a picture and seeing a wonderful card to create!! Enjoyed reading all the vacation suggestions!!

Patty Sue 2 said...

Thank you for the opportunity to win your blog candy, I am already a follower and I have posted the candy on my sidebar. I am new to the blogging world and I am always excited to see the creations of others. Everyone is always so nice and helpful. I think I need to crawl into your shell to soak up some of your left over creative juices! favorite vacation was just last year. My dh and I took our 2 grandsons to the Oregon coast for a week. The weather was beautiful and we played on the beach every day. My husband's health is not good and so these momments are precious to me. Blessings to you and thank you once again.

Tanya said...

Congrats on your first year blogging! I started the beginning of this year, you meet wonderful people. My favorite vacation was when we went to North GA, NC, and TN. The scenery is just breath taking! We went in the fall when the leaves are changing during the apple festivals. Beautiful. Congrats again and thanks for a chance.

A Consuming Passion said...

Hi Mary Anne, Congratulations on your first year of blogging! I'm looking forward to the next year.
I have to say I've been lucky to visit lots of interesting places first when I worked for an Airline then when Ian and I married......he loves to see what's over the hill!!! Rome was the most amazing place on this last trip though. Walking around the streets with such a history is mind blowing.
The Spanish Steps, The Trevi Fountain, The Vatican. Wonderful statues amazing fountains.......everywhere! You have to do it if you haven't yet.

Benzi said...

I've been stamping for about two years and just a couple weeks or so ago began my blog. Actually, I decided to make the leap while on vacation in July. The reason this could have been my favorite vacation was because I was able to see that my beloved Orange Beach, AL
shore was still just as beautiful as ever after the oil spill disaster. The beaches are still soooooo white. Thanks for the chance to win your blog candy. Congrats on your one yr. anniversary!

A-len-ka said...

I found your blog through visiting another one and I'll follow now. All your cards give me impression of so much happiness and joy!
Thanks for the offering of such wonderful and generous candy! I put it on my sidebar
My favorite place for vacation is always Italy! Oh, it's historical places, nature, sea, food and people - I like all of Italy. I'm sure when You visit it You'll like it too!

Катенька said...

Mary Anne,
Congratulations on your first year anniversary!!
My favorite vacation - we went to the Europe in 2008 with visiting the countries: Poland, Germany, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, and celebrating of new 2009 - in Paris:)
Many thanks for the chance to win this yummy candy!
I posted your candy on my sidebar

Hugs, Katya

martina's kaartjes said...

Hi Mary Anne,
what a great year. I'm fresh in blogland, so I have to do lots of days more, to celebrate.
But your candy is great. The best vacation ever is in Turky. The people are always very kind, the food is great and the sun... Yes yes, the sun ! You can eat till midnight on terrasses and make some walks on the beach. You don't need any sweaters, great !
Feel free to visit my fresh blog and leave a message or become a follower. It will be appreciated.
Have a great evening,

Unknown said...

Hi there Mary Anne, I have popped your candy on my sidebar HERE

The best vacation, was when I went to husband to get married, in Niagara Falls, and honeymooned in New York, we got married on the 4th July, with our American friends as witnesses and who renewed their marriage vows x We was in the local paper (english/american 4th July connection) x And was an amazing time x leigh x

♥♥ Charity Crafter! ♥♥

Kristine said...

Congratulations on your first year!! Keep it up;)
My favorite place? Ooohh, that's though one. I have more than one favorite, because the places are so different, you can't compare everything. But for this, I'll go with cruise in the Mediterean. It was so beautiful and relaxing. I felt so important all week, with so many working just to make me comfortable. The surroundings were beautiful! The boat was just magnificent! And every day we got to see a new town. While we slept at night the boat would sail to a new harbor! Perfect! The food were so good, and I just LOVED it!!!

SaDeBuque said...

Congratulations on your 1yr of blogging! I am brand new to this, so it took me a minute to figure out how to put ur blog on my sidebar, but I did it lol...still not sure how to post the link here, so ill just tell you that my blog site is: are added, I am following, and now, I can tell you about my bestest vacation ever! My husband came home from his first deployment in July of 2008 and we decided to take a road trip. we drove from Ft Riley KS where he was stationed to his dads house in FL where we stayed for a week. It was my 1st time to FL so I had a blast! From there we made the treck to Upstate NY to see the rest of our family, stopping on the way to see Hershey Park! It was the best vacation I had been on because it was our first road trip together since he got back from his 15mos deployment and to top it off, we had our 8month old son to share the experience with us! We got to see so many places, Hershey Park, Ben&Jerrys in VT, and build a bear too :) might not have been the most lavish vacation in the world, but when you have your loved ones with you, thats all that matters right?! I just want to thank you so much for the opportunity to enter to win some pretty amazing stuff! and youve given me an idea about what to do for my "blogoversary" too :) thanks again and good luck to all the other "contestants" out there :)

SaDeBuque said...

PS- I can be reached at: sara . debuque @ yahoo . com :) thx

Judith Veldhuizen said...

Hi there! I'm a new follower and put your candy on my sidebar. I think my best vacation ever was in french. We were on a campsite nearby the beautifull sea! We were nearby spain and did al sort of great things there, like swiming, go to beautifull cities (castalane) and more things like that!


juli (sweetpz) said...

HI Mary Anne!
i just came about your blog and am a follower now! Happy 1yr Blog-birthday to you =)
Thanks so much for the chance to win your yummy goodies!!

One of the best vacation places that i went to was Honolulu, Hawaii. The first time was just hubs and me.... we did all the tourist things, beaches, sightseeing, volcanoes, and of course eatting!! yummm... everything there was delicious, especially if you like seafood =)
Are you planning on a vacation soon? Tell us about it.. hehe
Have a great week !

Domna said...

Congrats,Mary Anne!
What a beautiful, sweet candy you have!!
And how sweet of you to gave us the chance to win it.

I'm your follower and i am going to link you.

Unfortunately, the best vacation was not yet in my life((

Nikki said...

Happy 1 Year Mary Anne, thanks for the chance I've linked you up on my sidebar and follow yo too now I don't really go very far for vacations but I do love to go rent a canoe and take it with some friends and go thru a marsh it's the most quiet and peaceful thing to do and it's just amazing that you can be out relaxing on a nice peaceful day
Hugs Nikki

At The Top Of The Cloud said...

Hi, MAry Anne!!! Congratulations with your first blogavversary!!! Thanks for a chance to win such amazing candy!!! Linked you at my side bar

My best vacations was 5 years ago: sea, beach, sand, sun and summer...great times i spend then!!!

Hugs. Nadya.

Jessica L said...

First of all, Wow! What a gorgeous bunch of candy! I can't wait to win it (the power of positive thinking, right?) lol.

One of the very best vacations we've been on was to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. We've been there several times, actually. It's so peaceful and serene. We always rent a cabin up in the mountains. And I love taking the tram all the way up to the tip top of the mountain. There is the most beautiful view I've ever seen. I can't wait to go back.

Tanya said...

So beautiful candy!
One of the very best vacantions we`ve been on was to Swiss, Geneva. It`s very beautiful city.
Link is in my blog

VenEra said...

Congratulations on your first year! Beautiful candy))))

tylko_ja said...

congratulations:) my favorite vacations was when I was born my little girl - 05 July 2008:)

Катенька said...

Hello Mary Ann!
First of all, congratulations on your first year bloggaversary. And thanks for a chance to win this yummy-yummy candy, I've put it on my sidebar
And about my best vacation. I've been on different countries and places - Europe, Egypt, Nigeria... but my best vacation was in Turkey. It was our amazing honeymoon - sun, sea, mountains, people, bazzaars, historical places, food is so delicious, especually sweets, LOL... And this October we will go there again :-D
Sorry for my bad English))

Shelley said...

Awesome candy! I've become a devoted follower and placed a link and pic of your candy on the sidebar of my blog:

Favorite vacation is Tulum MX. Lovely beaches, great ruins to explore and friendly people. Best food ever!

Sofia said...

Following and placed a link and pic on my blog at

My best vacation was the one to Vilanculo Island in Mozambique. It was beautiful - looked like it came from a fancy travel magazine - crystal clear waters, white sand beaches, fascinating under water world (when snorkeling), sound of waves and the most beautiful ever sunrise and sunsets. Remembering all these makes ME wanna go back again:)

Nazeema Calypso Thompson said...

Mary Anne-
Congrats on your 1 yr. blogaversary. That has to be exciting. I am a new follower and am glad I found you.

My favorite vacation was won that I took with my bf, when we found out that we were pregnant. We went to the islands and relaxed and talked about our future and our plans for ourselves and the baby. It was romantic and wonderful for us to talk and be so excited about a new baby.

Thank you for being so genoerous with your giveaway and thank you for sparking some great memories with the question.


Rosalee said...

Awesome candy you have there Mary Anne.
I have to say my favorite vacation was when I went to Minnesota on a 1 week fishing trip. I caught a 28 inch Pickerel my biggest catch yet. I'm a fishing fanatic and this might not be the best vacation ever but it sure is the best I've ever had.
Thanks for the great chance at winning your blog candy. I added a link to my sidebar and I have also become a follower of your great blog.
Hugs, Rosalee

Ukka said...

Ooooh gorgeous blog candy Mary Anne.
My favorite vacation was this suumer.We(my husband and me and a daughter) have gone to Black sea. My daughter (she is 2 years old) for the first time has seen the sea. She wasn't frightened of waves. We well had a rest, went for a drive on a yacht,saw a dolphins.
Thank you for the chance to win. I am following you and have put a link in my sidebar.

sequin said...

This summer I had an unforgettable holiday in a magnificent country Spain! Architecture, museums, Barcelona, shopping, sea, beach ... These memories I have will last a lifetime! I hope to return there again, because I fell in love with this country!
I hope for good luck! Wonderful candy! Thanks for the chance! The reference is to the left panel.
I'm glad to be your follower.

Elenka8791 said...

Hello Marry Anne!
Nice to meet you. My name Elena. I'm Russia but I live in USA now.
Love your blog and glade be your follower, my nikename Elenka8791)
My favirite vacation was in Turckey, I was at Kemer on a Black sea. Love that place)

paperpapier said...

my fav vacation spot is Tioman, Malaysia. A beautiful seaside with crystal clear water.
Posted the candy on my candy sidebar and a follower now. Thanks for the chance to win your awesome candy.
hugs, Heaney

ScrapbookingRN said...

Best vacation was trip to Mexico for 5th anniversary. Although I was 19 weeks pregnant.

ScrapbookingRN said...

Posted an my blog!

WhiteRacoon said...

Hello Mary Anne!
Just found your blog - I like it =) After I complete this comment, I will surely comment on some of your lovely creations! Good job really! I have become a follower ;)
And there's a link to candy promotion:
And concerning the very best vacation =) It was Paris a year ago, I'm scrapping the photos from that trip right now =) It was really the best. I was born and raised in megapolis, I'm sooo very used to this lifestyle: 24/7 open stores, everyone's hurrying, life's hectic. So going somewhere in a small town or to the seaside leaves me a little strained: I don't experience the everyday energy boost I need, restaurants closed at 6 pm leave me hungry and all kinds of siestas make me wonder how's all that possible =) But Paris combines everything I love: it has 24/7 cafes, but noone's hurrying, running or pushing in the subway =) The places of interest are very clean and beautiful, it makes you want to lie down on the grass by the Eiffel tower or stay till midnight in a tiny cafe watching people passing by. The atmosphere is extremely friendly; though not so many french speak english, they try desperately to explain what you need =) They are nice to deal with. And I can't help remembering all those croissants, brioches, crepes and other yummy types of breads and cakes!!! Only this can make you want you go there again and again! Going in Paris with the one you love is definitely the most romantic thing you can do =) If you have never been to Paris - I advice you to do so, it's a very unique experience!

Karuna said...

Thanks for the lovely candy. i just posted about it!

Well my best vacation was in India itself :) i went to sikkkim (State) to the beautiful tea estate Darjling. Its so famous. it was a week long trip with my brother and was wonderful. If you ever plan a trip to India, feel free to get int touch. would be happy to advice :)


Gala said...

Hello Greetings from Russia! I also want to sign up for your candy! Invite to his candy! Come visit us! My vacation look here:

Mona`s Bittelille Scrappekrok said...

Hi Mary Anne!

Thanks for the opportunity to win this awesome blogcandy of yours. I have done all the steps an now my best vacation memory follows.

Whan i grew up, i and my sister used to travel to my grandmother who lived in Lofoten, Norway.
Lofoten is one of the greatest nature pearls in Norway. Please google it and you will see for yourself. Well this particular summer we spent almost all of our time on the beach. Lofoten has the kind of beaches you find in the Carribean. Long white sands, blue ocean and that summer, lots of sun and of course BOYS! We swimed and had lots of fun and of course.... flirted with the boys, hehe. We had a great time though the water was not nearly as warm as in the Carribean, brrr....:-)

Link to my blog:
If i should be the lucky winner please send me a post in my blog and i will find it. Thanks.

Scrap-crafts said...

My best holidays were in Crete! This greek island is the best place not only to have your vacations... but to live there too! 219 days of sunshine isn't something that you can avoid thinking... The summer sun and the blue sea and sky are willing to make your holidays unforgetable!!!

my blog:
my mail:


Yvonne Russell said...

Congratulations on your milestone Mary Anne.

I am already a follower. Love your blog. I have linked your blog candy from my sidebar at

Ah... vacations...

One of my best vacations was to Malaysia. The scenery is lush and stunning,the shopping is super (and at the right price), and the people are so friendly and helpful.

And then there's the food... wow! It's a feast for the senses. I even found great paper and ribbon there for my card making. Makes me want to go again.

Thanks so much for your generosity in inviting us to join in your celebrations.

Denimo said...

Wow... what wonderful candy Mary Anne!! All the things I love!! My fave vacation was was a weekend trip to Colorado Springs. It's the first time I'd every been, but more than the location, it was my traveling companion that made it so special. Ahhhhh... memories! :) Thanks for the chance to win such great candy! Denimo

Tanya said...

Hi Mary Ann!!! Congrats on your blogaversary!
Thanks for the chance to win this beauty! Really want to be the lucky winner.Linked it on my sidebar and I'm your follower.
My best vacation - Bodrum (Turkia) -little city, sun and sea.I love to be here along...

lisbeth said...

Hallo, Love your candy, Congrats on your blogaversary

heavenly_girl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
heavenly_girl said...

Hi! Congratulations on this day!
My best vacation - this is my vacation in Sweden, in Stockholm. Oh, this is a wonderful city! It contains a lot of fairy tales. The city itself is the most wonderful fairy tale.
My blog:

Selennea said...

When I was little with her mother went to her aunt in the mountains in the country. She lives in a small village situated in a picturesque location. These were some of my best holidays because as a toddler could learn habits of animals, I could ride horses, play with the cats (cat mania has been to me today - has three kittens at home that I love very much). I spent a lot of time with animals and then I have been so far. After that, I love the mountains and always vacation in the mountains for me are the best time spent.

Well, I wanted me to join your lottery:)

Rosa Forino said...

Thanks for a chance to win your yummy blog candy!
sorry for my english spero di vincere un saluto dall'Italia bye bye rosa
public slidebar on
Hugs, rosa
i am new follower
blog creative:
My best vacation - this is my vacation in Ireland

Olinda said...

Hi Mary Ann,
I found your blog through visiting another one and I'll follow now. I love your cards.
Thanks for the offering of such wonderful and generous candy!
I put it on my sidebar, and I'm your follower now.
My blog -
My vacations are always good when I can join the family, summer, sun, sea, beach, blue sky!
Thanks and hugs,

Sandra said...

Kishley (Dolly Sapra) said...

wow!! I have put your candy's link on my blog's sidebar. My best vacation has been in Australia. I love water, so amateur scuba diving, snorkeling, feeding wild dolphins were my favourite things to do there. you'll love it out there.

Unknown said...

Hi Mary Ann!!! Congrats on your blogaversary!Thanks for a chance to win your yummy blog candy!
My best vacation England-Like District-great outdoors, sheep and lakes!
Linked it on my sidebar and I'm your follower

Val said...

Hi Mary Anne

many congratulations on the anniversary of your 1st year of blogging. I am also celebrating my fist year as well, and have candy running until Sept 8. Please visit.

I think virtually every holiday I have taken I have loved for one reason or another, but one that really stands out for me is one we took in Italy quite a few years back.

It was September, and our 25th wedding anniversary, and we were going away for three weeks. We flew from London to Pisa, and took a train to Florence, and spent 5 days there looking at the most amazing architecture in the beautiful churches and pictures in the art galleries, eating wonderful food and ice-creams to die for, and just wandering around the city. We then took a hire car and drove down to stay at a tiny hotel near San Gimignano, which is a small walled medieval hill town in the province of Siena, Tuscany, north-central Italy. It is mainly famous for its medieval architecture, especially its towers, which may be seen from several kilometres outside the town. The hotel was down a tiny track in the middle of nowhere - but when you got there the views from the grounds were breathtaking. The hotel was run by a young couple, and only had 8 bedrooms, and we were spoilet rotten with wonderful food and wines. Our days consisted of getting up early and going sightseeing, and coming back midafternoon for a swim and laze round the pool before having dinner on the terrace in the evenings overlooking the beautiful garden.
After 5 days here, we then drove further south into Umbria, and stayed near Orvieto. Orvieto is just amazing. It is one of the most dramatic hill towns in Italy, perched on a plateau atop huge tufa cliffs. Orvieto has a stunning duomo (cathedral) and its monuments and museums cover millenniums of history starting with the Etruscans. I don't think I will ever forget this city and its catherdral with the most amazing carvings on the outside, and the richness of the interior. One thing really made me smile though. There wwere notices everywhere saying that photography was not allowed, but there were a group of nuns visiting, and when they thought no-one was looking they would take out a tiny camera and take their photographs!

If you love travel, and ever get to Europe, and like the sort of things I have described above you will love it!


KarenB said...

Hi Mary Anne, congratulations on a year of blogging! Your creations are just lovely and I'm happy to be a new follower.

My best ever vacation was a short trip to Nepal when I went on a mini-trek in the Pokhara area. The first day we walked all day - it was cold and foggy at our destination and all I knew was that the tent was pitched on a grassy hillside. I crawled into my tent soon after dinner and had the best night's sleep ever. In the morning when I peeked out of my tent... there was a snow covered MOUNTAIN right in front of my eyes... it was the most amazing sight I've ever seen. Just magic :)

Manu said...

Hi happy blogaversary.
The vacation that is still on my heart was on Aug 2005 when I had a 15 days dive cruise into Malidives.
It was amazing! The landscape was gorgeus under and over the sea: a lot of coloured fishes, beutifull small island with white sand and tourquose sea.
I hope to come back for another dive cruise (when my little boy will grown).
Thanks for the opportunity to win your generous Candy.
Hugs from Italy

kliaksa said...

Hi, Mary Anne! congratulations on a year of blogging!
My best vacation was when we came overseas to visit Mikkie Mouse!
information about your candy is on the side bar of my blog
Best wishes from Ukraine!

Katie said...


Congratulations on your one year blog anniversary! My best vacation ever...oh my gosh, I have not taken a really exciting vacation in a really long time. It was probably when I went overseas when I was in High School. It was a summer trip with a music group, students from up and down the east coast. We were in rehearsal for 1/2 a week and then in Europe, 7 countries for the next 2 1/2 weeks. We played a concert (small, sometimes informal) every other night, or every couple of nights. I remember each city we stayed in, what color the rooftops were, the architecture style. The United States was out of sight, out of mind! Seriously, I got lost over there, it was amazing!

I don't have a blog... and I may be to late to enter into your drawing. It was nice to reminisce. Wishing you well!

imkt (at)