Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Photo of the Newly Engaged!

Folks have been asking me to post a photo of the newly engaged couple. They have not had professional photos done yet, but I thought this one of Dee and Shaun was too lovely not to share. This was taken at Dee's work Christmas party, this past weekend.

I think this could have used a wee bit of red eye removal but I lost all of my programs in the computer crash the other day, so please forgive me. Aren't they just adorable. I know Dee is extremely pleased to see a photo of herself without her braces! I wish I could see the back of her up-do! Turn around, Dee!

As far as wedding info, nothing has been decided yet. They will start looking at venues after the holiday. Denise wants an October wedding to keep with family tradition. Since Shaun's sister has already taken this October, we will be looking at dates in 2011. Gives us lots of time to get everything right! Shaun is such a great guy and I know he will cherish her for a lifetime.


Patti said...

Big huge congratulations to the beautiful couple!Dee Marie is one of my very favs on stamp tv! Of coarse I really like her mom too! LOL!

craftieodamae said...

What a gorgeous couple, don't they look so happy!!! She's very lucky to have the man of her dreams and a Mom like you!

Jennie said...

What a beautiful couple! thanks for sharing and so many good things ahead of them!