Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Blog Has "Tude"!

My friend Olga, gifted me with this awesome new award. Thanks so much, buddy! If you follow all the directions that come with it, you can receive a $5.00 gift certificate from Digi's With Attitude. You can find all the specifics right here.
One of the rules of the award is that you must tell 3 unknown facts about yourself:

1) I recently lost 40 pounds.
2) I hate driving on roads that are not rural.
3) I secretly wish I had red hair.

Now I must hook up 5 deserving Bloggers:

Be sure to hook up your post to the Digi's With Attitude Challenge Blog!


The Other Patti Sue said...

Awwwww shucks Thanks Mary Anne! Congrats on the 40lbs! Last I heard it was 30... YAY for you!

Carol L said...

WTG for losing that much weight!!! You go girl, and thanks for lending me some "tude" :)

Melanie said...

hee hee, yes you DO! have attitude! (in a good way! LOL) wow on the weight loss, congrats and big hugs!!! ygg!

Patti J said...

Congrats on being such a 'loser'...lol!!! You rock, my friend - you are my hero! Thanks for the fun award. We just got to the job site, so I'll try to post it soon! Hugs!!!

Sue said...

You go girl!!!!! Congratulations on your award and your weight loss! I am so proud of you!