Saturday, December 15, 2018

Just a Quick Holiday Hello!

     I just wanted to stop by my blog today, to check on things.  The last couple of months have been crazy, to say the least.  Between us trying to find a retirement home, and my daughter purchasing a home from an annoying seller, life has been non stop.  Couple that with trying to work and purge, it's a total whirlwind.

     Since I don't want you to think I am doing zero crafting, I wanted to share a couple of quilt cards I created.  I did them with very random items and I can not remember most of them.  I love plaid, but since this was a 12x12 pattern, I did not think I would every get to use it.  I was quite surprised at how it worked out.

     Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday prep, and I hope to do a little more posting in the near future.  Sending warm wishes!