Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Please Excuse this Holiday Interruption!

     Crafting has fallen by the wayside, so that holiday treat making can begin.  I am a little later than usual, this year, so things need to happen quickly!

     First up are the marshmallow cocoa stirs that I made.  They are in card bags for A2 cards, and my sentiment is from Sweet n Sassy Stamps.  The bottoms of the marshmallows are dipped in chocolate and crushed candy canes for perfect melting in a warm drink.

     Next I made some of the checkerboard pretzels with mini Snickers dipped in white chocolate and sugar.  How easy!  You place the mini bar of your choice on the first pretzel, and heat in oven for 3 minutes at 300*, then slap on the top pretzel.  Dip as desired!  I have also made another version of this with just a bottom pretzel, a Rolo, and a pecan half.  Yum!

     Cookies started with the ever loved Snickerdoodle!  I believe today I am making raspberry thumbprints. 

     It just does not feel like Christmas without massive treats to share.!  Thanks for the visit.


Vicki Dutcher said...

Wow - These look so GOOD and super fun!

craftieodmae said...

Oh man, think I just gained 5 pounds looking at these yummies!!!!

jimlynn said...

I'm heading to your house for Christmas!!!!!!!!! All of these look so yummy!

Donna Hanley said...

Darn You Mary Anne, I'm trying to behave myself and you put all this mouth watering deliciousness in front of me. Now I'll be searching for some goodies. All Kidding aside, these do look yummy. Have a great day.

Carol L said...

Put the coffee on Mary Anne - Lynn and Donna and I are coming over to help you polish off these delicious looking treats! In a word - YUM!!!! I love those marshmallow treats for cocoa!!!! CUTE!